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Mass Tourism in Kenya


Here is the powerpoint from the lesson on Mass Toursim. Look especially at slides 11 to 18 if you are looking to revise and learn about (i) the effects of tourism and (ii)how people try to manage tourism in Kenya

mass tourism in Kenya

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Beachy Head is falling down, falling down… so use it in your exam answers if you can


Firstly here is the news article about Beachy Head.

Now here is how you can use it to your advantage for your Geography GCSE.

1/ List the 2 main causes this winter of the increase in cliff falls.

2/ Explain how these two factors have made cliff falls more common this year

3/ The National Trust manager says “There is nothing you can really do to stop a natural process…”So what do they do instead to manage and cope with the risk?

If you can answer question 1, this means you know WHAT the coastal processes are and you have the sort of knowledge that may help you get you anything up to a ‘D’ grade. However understanding HOW the processes work is what question 2 is driving at. If you can understand that, then you have the sort of knowledge and skills to get you at least a ‘C’ grade.

Question 3 covers management strategies and how they work. Understanding all that will again give you at least ‘c’ grade knowledge and skills.

If you get all of this and can remember some ‘place specific information’ (Beachy Head, Sussex, National Trust etc) and link or compare it to the other case studies we cover in this topic you will be heading for an ‘A’ grade and above

By the way, the answers are on this document Beachy Head geogteacher– click that link AFTER you have tried the questions 😉


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