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Lessons and resources on coastal Landforms


Over the last 2 lessons we have gone quite fast, so I am leaving some extra information here for you to back up and enhance your classwork. this includes short videos and links to revision pages on the net.

Depositional Landform information – eg beaches, spits and bars Depositional coastal landforms

Erosional Landforms – eg bays and headlands, wave cut notches and “caves/arches/stacks/stumps” Erosional coastal Landforms


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Guerilla Geography Day

ggd logo

I have got a first draft of your instructions for our field trip on Tuesday.

Guerilla Geography Day

more information is available at their website  which is also where I stole the image above

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Year 9 great Tsunami resource

click above

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Excellent animation of how a Tsunami is caused

The New York Times has a really good animation of the causes of a Tsunami
here it is

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Tourism Numbers can change for reason outside the resort’s control

Some areas of Kenya are struggling to attract tourists after Somali gunmen kidnapped foreign tourists from the Kenyan coast

read about it here 

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Choose Geography

A great video on why to choose Geography


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Holderness Coast


Just the powerpoint from the lesson for Mr Anderson’s class. INcludes the links to the videos we saw and the clear photo of the eroding coastline either side of the groyne at Mappleton

Holderness lesson

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