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Year 11 homework


use this attachment to finish in the missing gaps into the attachment below.


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Planning preparing and predicting earthquakes. A nice easy topic in the AQA A GCSE Geography paper. Follow the instructions on this powerpoint (which is 95% from their organisations work last year) and you will have it covered.

Powerpoint is here ShakeOut presentation

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GCSE volcanic Eruption case study – Montserrat

montserrat volcano

The exam board requires that you  know “A case study of a volcanic eruption: to include its cause, primary and secondary effects and the responses to it.”

This case study covers all of these things for you.

Click on this link for the summary and revision sheet for this cases study. Case_study_handout[1]  Notice how much place specific information there is in there. Make sure you know this as well as all the general responses, effects and causes.

This video link shows the effects of the eruption as does this photo too.

Plymouth, Montserrat 1998


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Year 11 restless earth outline

Resltess earth-outline-1

Please use this for your reference

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Year 10 homework – outline review

The Coastal Zone outline

Please make sure you have reviewed your learning by next lesson.

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wind farm info sheet for Year 7


click on this link for the windfarm for and against sheet. Work is due in on Monday 10th December 2012

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