Year 10 homework on Eu policy

Learn the information below and pick one to research in detail.  Once you have done that use this to help you answer the question “Describe one EU policy that tries to reduce differences in levels of development within Europe” (4 Marks worth)


The EU regional Policy

The EU’s regional policy transfers resources from richer to poorer areas, so the poorer areas can catch up with the rest of the EU.  From 2007-2013, regional spending will use up 36% of the EU’s budget – a staggering 350 billion euros.  The focus is on countries in Central and Eastern Europe – like Poland.  The money comes from three different sources:

  • The European Regional Development Fund, which pays for things like general instrastructure.
  • The European Social Fund, which pays for things like training and job creation programmes.
  • The cohesion Fund, which covers environmental and transport infrastrucutre projects, as well as the development of renewable engergy.  This fund is reseved for countries with living standards that are less than 90% of the EU’s average. so it includes Poland, Portugal and Greece.

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