Y10 revision on Development: I think the BBC likes you

That question in the mock “why is using LEDC and MEDc to classify countries of the world, considered no longer valid” well here is BBC showing the complexity of measuring and classifying countries.

There was a real social media storm especially on twitter after the Spanish President had said this week “Spain is not Uganda”. At the moment Spain has just asked for a HUGE loan from the rest of Europe so it can stop some its banks going bankrupt. The Spanish President was trying to point out that things maybe bad, but his country is not in as nearly a poor position as Uganda. People in uganda didn’t agree.

read the article by clicking here. Then look back at the exam question. What parts of the article and the table in it could you use to help you gain marks in the question? see how they use GDP but also life expectancy. Look at the interesting unemployment figures. Uganda has lower unemployment but also has a lower GDP? how can a country have more people i work but lbe less wealthy? what jobs are many Ugandans doing? What is the pay like for this work compared to many jobs in Spain?

What a great and useful article for you and your exams 🙂


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