Y10 and Y11 Helping your revision

In every revision lesson I will be showing you the same diagram. Level 1 refers to grades G up to D. Level 2 refers to C up to B and  Level 3 is for A to A*. This arrow is for you to see how I am planning your revision. there is nothing new to it; these are the same steps I have used for you all year. It started when we learnt about SOLO. When you are at home revising and you are not sure about how to check your revision after you have done it OR you want to plan your revision before you start it, you can refer to this diagram to help. If you prefer written instructions you could use these simple bullet points instead.

  • Step 1: Show you know one feature about the topic
  • Step 2 : Show you know at least 3 features about the topic
  • Step 3: Start to organise and LINK these features and ideas together
  • Step 4: Do all of 2 and 3 in detail and be able to evaluate and compare the features of the topic with another place or event.

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