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Y10 Revising The EU Development Case Study (Poland and the UK)

Below is the link to the the powerpoint from the revision lesson on this case study. Please note you will need your notes and photocopied sheets from the lesson to properly use this in your own time.

Revising Development in the EU – UK and Poland

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Y10: Self Help in squatter settlements

This is the very useful picture from the text book. It shows the advantages of providing self help to people living in squatter settlements. The case study you looked at for squatter settlements was a favela in Brazil (most of you chose Rocinha)

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y10 Improving Favelas – The Knock on effects

This is an excellent short video on how reducing gang and gun crime in favela has had knock on effects for the whole squatter settlement. Also the problem they solved was mostly a social one (crime) but this has had economic benefits as well

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GCSE London Docklands Revision help

Here is a revision help for the Docklands work. I have structured it so it fits in with any exam questions you may get asked

The Impact of Government Policies on the Inner City Since the 1990

Here are two recent exam questions on this topic….

  1. For a named town or city which you have studied in the UK, describe any attempts which have been made by planners to improve the quality of life.  (6 marks)
  2. How successful have these attempts been. Develop your ideas fully. (4 marks)


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…….and watch this short video.

This is why I teach Geography. This is why I want you to learn and start to understand Geography. These images are all of the UK. Many of them we have studied. Look for Bath, the London Docklands, The river Severn Flooding Tewkesbury, also spits and so much more. (though no volcanoes and earthquakes)

Click on this link. It will improve the quality of your life for the next 4 minutes and maybe even longer

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y11: Extra help on how Tsunami is caused

from the BBC website – nice and clear

This is very clear on the destruction it causes and the reason the wave is SO tall

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Y10 A quick piece of revision for tourism topic

Tourism is important around the world. More people are going on holidays than they were 50 years ago. You could get a graph like this in the exam and a 3 mark question saying something like “Describe the pattern of tourism shown in this graph.” 


Or you could get a question saying why has tourism increased over the world? (You could get this same question just based on a UK coastal resort e.g. Blackpool instead) The BBC bitesize website covers this very clearly

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