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y11: River Severn Flooding 2012

Just a few weeks after we finish studyng the river severn flood of 2007 it appears it may be flooding again. Have a look at some news sites to find out if the people of Tewkesbury and other settlements along the river are better prepared this time around.

Here is how Tewkesbury is facing up to the possibility of flood

Here is an aerial view

And here is another video on how Tewkesbury is trying to manage the floods

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Guide to parents of Year 7



Here is a list of tips and targets for your daughter to work on so as to progress in  her geography:

Y7Par Eve targets

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Year 11 Managing rivers for a Water supply


This is the lesson powerpoint and resources on this topic. this is covers ALL aspects you need on this case study – water deficit and surplus, water transfer. why we in England need water to be transferred and using Kielder Water as a case study to show how all this works. Kielder Reservoir has impacts; these can be split into social, env ironemtnal and economic. Not all these effects are positive.

Lesson powerpointWater management in the UK – incl Kielder Water

Outline on Kielder KielderReservoir_Case_study_outline

Impacts Kielder reservoir has had KielderReservoirQCardSort

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Why did the Big Earthquake today NOT produce a big Tsunami?

The quake moved the sea bed in a horizontal way and not a vertical way. Here the BBC explain it well in less than 2 minutes

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