Y11 Holderness Case Study

Holderness is on the NE coast of England. It is an example of a rapidly eroding coastline. You need to know the causes of this rapid erosion and the effects that it has. I have attached the powerpoint I used in class complete with the video links below:

Holderness powerpoint



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2 responses to “Y11 Holderness Case Study

  1. Menno Rsuamn

    Dear people, i have a friend on the island of texel in the netherlands and i
    got an old sign given to me as a present, it’s a wooden plank with lead letters that say “holderne”, after searching i found out that this sign must be from your coastline only years ago i guess, is it possible that you send me some pictures of signs trough the years that were placed on the coastline
    saying the name of the region “holderness”
    i await your answer

    • geogteacher

      Alas I am a geography teacher and I teach about the Holderness coastline to my pupils. I am based a few hundred miles away from there.

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