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Y11 River Profiles

Read this page from the BBC Bitesize GCE revision site on rivers to help you finish off your River long profile diagram from the lesson; use both page one and two on this section. Also on your diagram answer these questions:

  1. Why is the river load more rough and angular near the source of the river?
  2. Why is there more lateral erosion towards the mouth of the river and more vertical erosion happening near the source? (Tip: use the words ‘gravity’ and ‘slope’ in your answer)

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Y11 Japan tsunami another longer term effect

Here is a news article from Japan about the ‘clear up’ of all the waste it created. What do you do with so much debris?

Read here

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Y11: How Japan has recovered so far from the Tsunami

Look at these pictures to see what the coast of Japan looked like just after the disaster and what it looks like today. See what they have cleaned up and rebuilt and what they have not yet. See how some areas have been cleared of the debris but are now just empty land. Look at the masks people are wearing after the tsunami. Why are they wearing them?

Click here for the pictures

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Y11 Tectonic movements to make America collide with Eurasia at the north Pole?

Heres what MAY happen in the future as the plates keep on moving

Europe to collide with north America?

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Y8 Mission Explore day

Its Guerrilla Geography time. Log on to  have a look at your own locality and surroundings in a new weird and warped way.

Here are the powerpoints from the day to help you revisit the ideas we had and shared

Design your own Missions

sign up instructions and mission choice

first session space and place

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Y11 Holderness Case Study

Holderness is on the NE coast of England. It is an example of a rapidly eroding coastline. You need to know the causes of this rapid erosion and the effects that it has. I have attached the powerpoint I used in class complete with the video links below:

Holderness powerpoint


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Year 8 Coasts homework

Here is a copy of the homework instruction for your coastal landform homework

Y8 post presentation hmwrk

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