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Y7 ILT and Geography Technology ambassadors

We have a new and exciting project for you to be a part of. Year 7’s will be the first group to have a chance to be one of our new Geography Technology Ambassadors.  All you have to do is take the IT option for this term’s ILT and you are in the competition!

The first Geography Technology Ambassadors (GTA) will have their opening opportunity to show your skills during our upcoming field trip to Lulworth in March. so get planning and creating NOW!!!

Y7 ILT and GTA work

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Y11 Parents Evening – Notes and Tips

Hello parents!

I have attached the notes I showed you at the evening on 30/1/12. Please either comment below or send me an email with any other questions you have.

Year 11 Parents Evening

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Webpage for the Masai Mara Base camp

As you know we are using this ecotourist resort as our case study. Here is the web page for the resort

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mobile app to give Japanese Quake warnings

Here is an article from last August about how Apple has launched an app to give itsJapanese users an Earthquake warning. Notice in the article how all Japanes made phones have to have this facility BY LAW. Also clicking on the “Area Mail disaster Information service” link in the article will give you more interesting information you could use in the exam

Here is the BBC article

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Y11 How to make your own pop out coast

Look at this powerpoint the instructions for the homework start at slide 17

stack fold popout

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Y11 Coastal Landforms, processes and people

This video covers a LOT of the whole topic on coastal zones. Use it to recap stuff from class and also for revision before the exam. However be aware that this is not enough on its own as it was not produced for our particular GCSE syllabus. Also our main case study is Holderness in East Yorkshire and this video doesn’t cover that at all.

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Y10s Town Centres

Remember that stuff we did on rejuvenating the built environment in the centre of towns? (we looked at Salisbury market Square). Well here is an excellent article on regenerating town centres. If you read it you will improve the mark you get on a such a question in the exam.

Click here

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