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Y11 Long term effects of the Japan Tsunami (warning: this made me cry)

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Year 11 fantabulous animation to show the strength of Earthquakes

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Year 11 Eyjafjallajokull

This is our case study for a volcanic eruption. all the information you need is in the following resources (includes links to the videos)

introduction, location and causes of  Eyjafjallajokull 1

Local effects glacial floods jokulhlaups

Global effects plane delays

Finally what is it like for Icelanders? living with volcanoes


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Y11 Earthquake Research

The exam board requires that you know about the effects of an earthquake in a LEDC and another one in an MEDC. You also need to be able to explain how a MEDC can cope better with such an emergency.

This word document outlines the work you need to do to research this topic before i teach it in class. Research Homework on two Earthquakes instruction

This is a copy of the sheet I will use in this Earthquake lesson. Two_Earthquakes_compared[1]

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Year 10 shanty towns Kibera, in Nairobi, Kenya

I briefly mentioned this shanty town in Nairobi, Kenya in our lessons. This bbc article and audio slideshow tells about how the shanty town called Kibera was not even on any government maps. There was just a blank there. This shows you how much the governemtn knows about the people and their lives and problems – nothing!

It also shows you how useful GEOGRAPHY is in describing peoples’ lives

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Year 7 Your School Geography Work

Both Mr. Martin and I have produced a letter outline you could use to help you write about the school environment. You dont have to follow either of them if you prefer to do it your own way or you could just pick a bit from our suggestions. They are only a guide to help you.

The important thing to remember is that you include:

  1. WHERE you like in school and say WHY you like them
  2. WHERE you think needs improving in school.
  3. WHY you think it needs improving
  4. HOW you would improve it
  5. You could also say which area you think is the highest priority for improvement

Here is the first letter guide

And this is the second

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Year 11. Volcano to affect the whole world?

Read this BBC story will there be another eruption in Iceland that could bring even more of the world to a standstill? There have been 500 tremors around the crater recently. Does this mean an eruption is imminent?

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