y10 up to date news stories on Brazilian favelas

I have chosen these web articles because they show: what life in favelas can be like and what people are trying to do improve living conditions there. Those of you thinking of TOP grades should also begin to compare and evaluate these different improvement schemes.

Crime can be a real issue in favelas. recently there has been a big crackdown on this especially on drug related crime. This article looks at whether this is a good solution to a favelas problems. There is another article on the same topic here. This one links the police raids to the olympic games that rio is going to hold in 2014. Also there is an EXCELLENT MAP of Rio and the positions of the favelas there. also on drug raids I have found a good set of pictures showing them in a favela


Also there are two articles on moving people out of favelas. this is oftne called slum clearance. Here is the first and here is the second It is important that you know about different ways to deal with the problems of favelas. If you can compare different schemes that will get you great marks in the exam.


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