Year 8 work on comparing Kenya and the UK

The instructions you were given in class can also be found on this link here…. Kenya UK research



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2 responses to “Year 8 work on comparing Kenya and the UK

  1. Emily Jago

    Mr. Andreson is the place we were researching for the Kenya project called Nairobi because when looking back through my information about Kenya and the UK i noticed i did alot of my information on Nairobi and the tourism and manufactures is this right? If not please could you inform me of the place we were meant to research… thank you

    • geogteacher

      Thanks Emily for your question.
      The capital city of Kenya is Nairobi, so information you collect about that city would be useful for the research work. However do make sure you find out information about the whole of the country too…..when you research the UK you would not want all your infromation to be about just London would you?
      hope that help
      Mr. Anderson

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