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Development in Europe

There are no new ideas in this topic. Instead you need to apply your knowledge of:

  1. How to measure development (GNP, HDI life expectancy etc)
  2. What causes different countries do have different levels of development (we looked at Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Haiti in an earlier lesson and what casued all of them to have low levels of development)
  3. How do people try to make the world less unequal (we looked at Water Aid do in Uganda)

To the EU and to the UK and Poland  in particular

Click on these two links below as they will show you the work. the powerpoint was written for a lesson where I had time to explain things in class and the word document has been written for pupils to be able to do the work with less help from me out of class.

devt in EU this is the powerpoint

EU work done as homework only this is the word document


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