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Volcanic Ash and Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker takes 24 hours to get back from his holiday in tenerife and only just makes it back in time to present match of the day. Read all about it

And will the cost of your vegetables go up if they cannot be flown in to the supermarket you shop at? Read all about it

and it is Geographers who are best placed to understand it all and what might happen in the next few days. Read all about it.


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Calling all Y10’s – dont forget

we’re off to the river first day back!! bring appropriate clothing and especially a pair of good shoes (wellies would be best)

Remind your mates đŸ˜‰

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Why do poor people die when it rains hard in Rio de Janeiro and rich people dont?

And why do people live on such a steep slope in such poorly built houses? Especially when they know landslides will probably happen? They are not stupid so why do it?

The worst rains in 48 years in Rio de Janeiro have killed up to people by making an awful landslide engulf their houses and a children’s nursery.

anyone caught in this landslide would have been killed instantly

You can find out more about the story here and here

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Y11 Revising Paper 1 (the maps and physical geography one)

heres a powerpoint with the basics for the rivers topicRevising Rivers

heres a powerpoint with the basics for the coasts topic Revising Coasts

and finally one for tectonic avtivity Revising Tectonic Activity

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