Easter Holiday revision Year 11

Yup you should be revising in the easter holidays……

one place to know about on the web is the AQA geography site for our syllabus. Its not an obvious site as at first glance it looks like there is nothing on the screen.

  1. Choose Geography, then syllabus ‘A’ from the current specifications.
  2. click on question papers and mark schemes
  3. Next, you scroll down and there are the past papers on a drop down menu for different years, which are called ‘series’.  (Make sure you are on the ‘key materials’ part not ‘noticeboard’.)
  4. Once you have done that you can then choose which paper you want. Ignore the foundation papers……
  5. if you want map questions and physical geography ones (tectonic activity, river landscapes and coastal landscapes) go for Paper 1
  6. and if you want human Geography (settlement, agriculture and development) look at Paper 2.

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