Year 11 Homework on “Water Aid”

Here is the written part of your instructions for your “Water Aid” work….

  The syllabus says on this subject     •You will investigate the work of the Water Aid’ charity and look specifically at their efforts in Uganda. •Here’s a recent TV ad of theirs

The syllabus says on this subject
“the reduction of global inequalities will require international efforts”. They break this down into different parts. Two of these are:
a)The role of international aid donors in encouraging sustainable development
b)A case study of one development project


Now look where they work over the world. What pattern (think MEDC/LEDC) can you see? •What are the facts about clean water over the world?

  •You will need to understand the situation regarding water supply and sanitation in Uganda and the problems it causes.

You also need to learn how water aid has tried to sort out these difficulties. Make sure you include how these solutions are underpinned by the ideas of sustainability and appropriate technology.

Also learn to look at the knock on effects having an improved water supply can have (e.g. on schooling, ability to work, time for women amongst others)

I would like this work hand written (so you do not simply cut and paste and not think)


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  1. Could set an easier homework next time……. 🙂

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