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Calling All Year 10 and 11’s

bbc bitesize revision site is updated and excellent for our syllabus.

Use it

here it is

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What about aid for Haiti?

what should be done to help the people of Haiti?

What are the immediate concerns – the short term needs of Haitians?

What about long term aid as well…what needs to be planned for the future?

Oxfam is planning and doing this

And of course have you donated? What are musicians doing? My school had a non school uniform day and raised over £1,000; that’s more than £1 per student. the most ever raised for such an appeal.

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4 days after the quake

As the dust literally settles, patterns emerge after the quake.

This is the bbc’s main page on the disaster. Look at the influences of the ‘logistics’ (which means organising) of getting the aid from the airport to the people that need it.

Look at the influence of building construction

Look at the pictures of the disaster area.

Look at the influence of technology in raising money for Haiti(the tweet campaign in the usa)

If you cannot remember how earthquakes happen….

look here.

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The terrible quake in Haiti

“Epicentre close to a major city, a shallow focus….” Note all the key Geography words in this article.

Ask yourself “Why did so many people die in this quake? Was it just the physical reasons and charateristics of the earthquake? Or did the features and make up of the country (Haiti is the poorest country anywhere in North, Central or southern America) play a part?

Also if you check the video links on the left of the page, you will find out a lot more about the disaster….

Here’s the report for you to read

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If you aint a geographer you cannot understand this

Well how about this for a life?

Arctic terns live for 30 years ….how many miles would they clock up during that time?

arctic term migration story

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