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Weather in Australia

strange days down under….see these pictures

check the pictures out.

what is happening?

why is this happening?

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Useful Google Earth files site this is excellent. Save yourself the time by using other people’s files. There’s old stuff on the Tsunami and the USGS Earthquake file on recent quakes is a very useful tool. and i found one that has all 92 football grounds in England. Though when i looked at Coventry it was Highfield road, their old ground (I think they left there about 10 years ago) and when you zoomed in it was a building site!

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GCSE text book

anyone using the heinamann book by Ann Bowen and John Pallister “Understanding GCSE Geography”? I certainly like the way it is structured staightaround the key ideas from the syllabus, but i didnot buy theCD roms that were offered with it as they looked less useful. Also the free disk at the back of the book looks a little hard to navigate round. maybe the students will get on with it better

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Hello world!

ok its a new school year and new GCSE syllabus have started up. I am teaching the new AQA syllabus A. I want to share my experiences with it and other matters secondary Geography with you all. i will upload (when i work out how) the resources i create.

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